Reflexology  & Energy Healing  Jacquie Kenny MAR MFPR Precision Reflexologist, Reiki Practioner and Animal Healer  Based in the Okehampton area  Tel: 01837 851793		email:
Animal Healing Our companion animals are sometimes in need of healing, for physical or stress- related reasons.  Energy healing is particularly effective for anxiety-based behavioural problems such as aggression and fear, as it can help release the negative emotions behind the behaviour.  Various and unexplained maladies can also respond to healing, as they are often the result of emotionally based problems that have not been resolved. Working with animals is largely intuitive, but input from the owner is always valuable.  We live so closely with our companion animals that our lives and needs are often intertwined.  Sessions vary from 30 - 60 minutes on average, depending on the animal's size, character, needs, and circumstances.   Prices         From £15 depending on the length of the treatment.