Reflexology  & Energy Healing  Jacquie Kenny MAR MFPR Precision Reflexologist, Reiki Practioner and Animal Healer  Based in the Okehampton area  Tel: 01837 851793		email:
Reflexology By massaging the feet in a particular manner a state of deep relaxation is achieved.  This is not only very enjoyable in itself, but also allows mind and body to receive an effective treatment.  The Reflexologist will give a full treatment, during which they will focus on certain points in order to help relieve various problems, whether they be physical or stress-related.  The overall treatment helps bring body and mind back in balance with itself, and the resulting benefits can be wide-ranging.  Clients have reported better sleep patterns, reduction in pain, greater ability to relax, lower blood pressure, and an increase in energy to name but a few.  Reflexology is regularly used alongside medical cancer care, and many women have found it very beneficial during the later stages of pregancy.    Precision Reflexology, as the name suggests, gives a greater degree of focus to various points during a treatment.  It uses a special `linking' technique, and the benefits of  Reflexology are generally enhanced using this method.    Prices £30 Initial consultation/treatment, lasting approx 90 mins. £25 Follow up treatments, lasting approx 60 mins.