Reflexology  & Energy Healing  Jacquie Kenny MAR MFPR Precision Reflexologist, Reiki Practioner and Animal Healer  Based in the Okehampton area  Tel: 01837 851793		email:
Reiki `Reiki' and `Hearts and Hands' healing are both forms of `hands-on' energy healing.  The client relaxes on a massage couch, or in a chair, and remains fully clothed whilst the healer channels the healing energy through their hands to various parts of the client’s body.  The energy is `intelligent' and will go where it can do most good.  This may not always be where we expect it to go, but we can always be sure it will be working for the highest good of the recipient.  This `highest good' could be physical, mental, emotional or spiritual. The healing is largely intuitive, so there is no need for a formal consultation as such.  If, however, clients want to talk about things that concern them, either before or during treatment, that is fine as it may well be beneficial to the healing process.  Most clients like to drift away once the healing is in progress.   Healing is approx 60 minutes in duration, and totally confidential. Prices £25 Per treatment